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Basics of Suicide Prevention

There are many ways that you can help prevent suicides.

Learn to recognize and respond to the warning signs of suicide.

Educate yourself on how to recognize and respond to the warning signs of suicide in people in your life - including family members, friends, and colleagues. There is a lot of information on this site and on the web to educate you about depression and suicide.  Information is the key!

A great resource is the SPRC.  They have many valuable resources one of which is the customized information section that breaks down roles of various people in suicide prevention.   This is an expanding collection of publications that includes information for specific groups such as parents, social workers, clergy, physicians, teachers, teens, college students and law enforcement officers among others. These are excellent resources.

Become involved in suicide prevention activities in your state. 

There are many current efforts in place around Georgia.  Visit the Suicide Prevention in Georgia and Georgia Coalitions pages on this site to find out how to become involved in suicide prevention efforts in your state.

Learn what resources are available and get connected with others that are interested in prevention in Georgia.  Stay connected with the network so that as other people become interested in your area, we can connect you and build the efforts in your area.

Learn about Community Action, and become active in your area. 

See how you can bring suicide prevention education and awareness to your community!  Join the Speakers Bureau; get information out to schools, first responders, funeral directors, churches; create an awareness event in your town; make relationships with the media and keep them aware of the crisis of suicide and suicide prevention efforts in your area and across the state. There are many ways you can be active in your community! 

Support suicide prevention policies and funding. 

Visit the Suicide Prevention Action Network  (SPAN-GA) at to learn more about supporting advocacy, policies and funding.  Become a Community Advocate for your community. Get to know your legislators: Hike the Hill with other advocates in your state.  Let the grassroots voice be heard! 

Contact us at and we will assist you in getting linked with current activities or assist you in beginning activities in your area.