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Georgia's Traveling FOS Memory Quilts Information

Suicide is a secret epidemic in Georgia and across our nation. Even though there are two suicides to every one homicide, the stigma and shame associated with suicide keeps the awful truth in the shadows.

FOS memory quilts take the truth into the light. They put a “Face on Suicide”, a visual image of the 38,000+ suicides in the United States each year. Looking at the faces on each quilt starts a conversation. As people take a closer look, they see faces that could easily be their mother or their brother or their friend. They see a concrete representation that we are losing real people, real lives, and in the wake of the tragedy are a multitude of real survivors. .
People begin to understand that if real people complete suicide, then real action might prevent it.

Every year SPAN-GA displays the quilts at the Capitol for our legislators to view. The quilts are also Georgia's Traveling Quilts and are brought to events, meetings, conferences, community fairs, and schools and colleges statewide.

All who view the quilts are incredibly impacted, and many are moved to get involved in suicide prevention.

This can be your legacy as well.

You can be a Life Keeper.



Many people choose to honor their loved one by having his/her photo on a FOS Memory Quilt.

If you would like to participate in the program, visit to view sample quilt squares and download information and directions. You can also contact our email quilt designer, Diane Petro at

When you have completed your quilt square design, you can email a file to us or mail us a hard copy. If you need help designing your square, we will be happy to support you. Call or email Diane using the information above. Just let us know how we can help!

For everyone who has shared a loved one’s story with the world by honoring them on a quilt, THANK YOU for helping to create awareness and SAVE LIVES.

You are truly the Life Keepers!