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If you are clicking on the SURVIVOR tab, you may be someone who has lost a loved one to suicide. If you are finding this site for the first time, we hope we can support you in your journey. We are really fortunate that the state of Georgia's Suicide Prevention program in DBHDD, Office of Behavioral Health Prevention gives a high priority to supporting Survivors of a Suicide Loss. No other state supports survivors in such a strong way. It is clear that survivors are a high risk population themselves after weathering such a traumatic loss.

            • Survivors have an up to 5 time higher rate of suicide than the general population
            • 1 in 4 attempters has a family history of suicide
            • Adolescents who lose someone to suicde have an up to 3 times higher risk

    Getting to the support you need can make a big difference in your journey and stop this potential cycle of suicide in the family.  You may have heard that suicide can appear to run in families, or you may know a family with more than one loss over the generations. This has to do with history, not biology! It seems that once a suicide happens in a family, it becomes an option that wasn't there before. But, we can intervene! We can help change the story! 

    If you are a person, family member or friend that has lost some one to suicide, find your way to the resources that we share in these pages. There are many things that can support your journey: counseling, therapy, workshops, but finding your way to a SOS support group - where others that have had a loss by suicide gather - is a good place to start.  Healing can be found among other survivors.  We are here if you have any questions or need help, just let us know.  

    If you are here because you are a friend of someone who has lost a loved one to suicide, we have information for you as well.  And if you are interesting in learning more about survivors of suicide or supporting them professionally, we can help you too!  

    Download a copy of the American Association of Suicidology's A Handbook for Survivors of Suicide.