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Welcome to GSPIN, the Georgia Suicide Prevention Information Network! We are the community information network for the Survivors of Suicide Community as well as Georgia's Suicide Prevention Community offering a central location for suicide prevention, intervention and aftercare education, information and resources among many other things!

Join the GSPIN broadcast network to hear about all the trainings, conferences, webinars, events, activities, and much more!! Check out the perfect opportunities, you can be a part of the solution!

 We hope you find the GSPIN site all you would like it to be, and as always, we welcome your input. Send all ideas, questions, requests for information, updates, calendar events, etc. to info@gspin.org.

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Suicide Prevention Month

September is Suicide Prevention Month!

September is an important time in our suicide prevention community.  It is a time when we all give a push to grow the voice of suicide prevention, broaden the scope of suicide prevention activities throughout the state, raising the awareness of the crisis of suicide and the challenges of those families left behind.